Data Access


The overarching goal of the BRAIN Initiative Cell Census Network (BICCN) project is to build comprehensive three-dimensional common reference brain cell atlases that will integrate molecular, anatomical, and functional data for describing cell types in mouse, human, and non-human primate brains. Like other NIH large-scale community resource projects, the BICCN project seeks broad and rapid data dissemination and use by the entire scientific community to accelerate scientific exploration and to reap the maximum value from this project. All data produced from mouse, non-human primate, and open-access consented human brain samples will be available for unrestricted access and use immediately upon release to public databases. Further guidance for controlled access data will be made available in the near future.


These data sets have been deposited at either the Brain Image Library (BIL) R24 data archive at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center or the Neuroscience Multi-Omic Archive (NeMO) R24 data archive at the University of Maryland. You can find instructions for methods of downloading these data sets at the following locations: